Monday, March 11, 2013

An escapade

My human and I managed to find a day off and went to Pulau Ubin on our adventure week earlier this year :)

It was indeed really nice to escape from the hectic life in mainland and reach somewhere much quieter and more deserted.

Pulau Ubin is very much the same as the previous time that I'd been there. It's still as "dead" (in an amazingly thankful and good way), the bicycle rentals are still as shockingly cheap (woo!!) and the food there is still as delicious!!!

We had a great day exploring places like Chek Jawa and we chanced upon some mega challenging route for those pro cyclists. Being 2 really adventurous people, we indeed wanted to give it a try but I reckoned I was waaaay too noobish to cycle the the tough route and so... I backed out and that resulted in the failure to even begin the route. However, I was grateful that I said no to the route as I already have a problem cycling up gradual (key word GRADUAL, not even steep okay) hills...... So duh, I can't handle anything else tougher than that HAHA

I rmbr spamming sunblock to an extent i became like this...... Whereby my sunblock was like dripping all over my face! I had some serious sunburn that left me pretty much in pain for the next few days.

BUT NEVERTHELESS, I had so much fun with this loving human here!!! :) Always the one to bring me around Singapore, forcing me to memorise routes/route names (which I am soooo bad at it up till today) so that I become slightly more street smart, making me learn how to read the GPS, forcing me to squeeze limes and lemons myself so that I can be independent but yet always the one who treat me to supawesome food and bringing necessities for me during our dates :) Really appreciate all that you're doing! :)

To this end, "May you forever be the one to hold me and guide me as my life changes."
 On a side note, happy 8th month from a few days ago :)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Both of our virgin trips to the USS.

FINALLY my beloved lifie and I can finally visit USS on a weekday as weekends would mean longer queues and crazy waiting. Thankfully he has a day off and I did not have work on that day! AND YES WE MADE IT TO USS AND HAD LOTSA FUN!

We were really really lucky I must say. From meeting this promoter to lifie becoming a RWS member to having express passes and not having to wait really saved our lives that day! We had so much more time watching the shows which we thought were boring but turned out to be SUPAWESOME and whoever that missed them would be truly regretful!

Let the pictures do the talking then :) :) 

I annoyed him one million and one times to go to the Far Far Away land so that I can see my Disney princesses but SADLY, UNFORTUNATELY, we did not get to see them :(

Thankfully my childish self I insisted on watching the Madagascar Boogie and got to see these cute animals - the
penguins, the lion and the lemur! :) :) They were super duper cute!!

Lifie, being the most generous human on Earth treated me to a super good meal, leaving me bursting and passing him all my leftovers! And he lets me keep the "free memento" - the bottle!!! :) :) Still using it up till today! hehe :) OH and the pizza was really good!!

And we got a free Sesame Street show while eating!! :) My kiddy self insisted on taking photos with the Elmo despite a long queue and look how adorable he is! OH WAIT YOU NEED TO SEE THIS MEGA CUTE ELMO'S BLUR LOOK THAT LEFT ME LAUGHING.

HAHAHAHA I really dk why but this blur elmo is really really cute to me haha!

OH AND I MET OPTIMUS PRIME. I really wanted Bumblebee tho but I can have Optimus Prime too hehe :) :)

Revenge Of The Mummy - I felt it was the best ride due to the darkness and the suspense! :) Had the best scream and he had the best laugh at me for screaming non-stop.
*oh i tried smiling at the Egyptian lady below and i failed cos she merely nodded at me it was too scary..

Both of us took our very first carousel ride!!! :) Can't believe we're so old and yet we havent been on one!! Made my lifie take the lowest seat while I took the highest hehehehehe :) had fun on that childish thingy haha! :)

My 24/7 amazing lifie, carrying that mega big bottle for me tho it totally ruins his looks of a macho man haha!

HERE COMES OUR FAVOURITE SHOW OF THE DAY!!! THE WATERWORLD! Totally judged the descriptions to that show and thought it was a pretty boring one. But THANKFULLY we had time on our side and decided to make way to The Lost World and watch the show and hohhhhh shitttt it was daaaaaamn coooool and super amazing!!! REALLY ENJOYED MYSELF THERE

Loved our simple dinner at Food Republic heheeeee :) Coffeeshop ftw!!!!! woopie

Finally, would just like to say i reeeally enjoyed myself! As much as the others took the rides umpteen of times and I took only once, i really explored every single thing I could and had so much fun with my beloved lifie!! hehe :)

True love;
May it forever be in bloom.

Sunday, January 20, 2013



We celebrated 2 joyous occasions this month and every weekend was celebrating for an occasion and finally we happily finished celebrating! What a hectic month as compared to the rest! :)

Lifie has finally commissioned after soooo long. He had truly come a looong way from BMT to being interviewed to enter Navy to the 47 sailing days and finally to becoming an officer!

Witnessing his journey can be both joyful and torturous when you hear him rejoice about nights out/day off and crazy training/confinements respectively. However, these madness is what shapes him into who he is right now and I'm grateful for Navy! Haha! :)

You have made it thus far and you truly deserve your one bar on your shoulders :) The 4 people you love are definitely truly absolutely proud of you.

You've been an sweet and loving lifie to me, amazing and awesome buddy to the Lion Division and filial son to your parents :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The life we are living right now.

"Happy people make people happy, but
You can't make someone be happy, and
No one else can make you happy."
- Seventh Splendid Truth

I've been reading a book called Happier At Home by Gretchen Rubin. I was attracted to this book initially because of its colorful cover but I was sure to buy this book as it talks about her new project to make home a happier place.

I really love books like these and Popular calls them: the self-help/inspirational books. It definitely isn't cos I feel miserable to be living and really do need help from these books but it is because books like these give me a different view in life and make me see things in a different perspective.

This book may not appeal to many because it does not have the "keep-you-at-the-edge-of-your-seat" effect and I must admit you may even fall asleep reading this book!

However, there're truly many things you can learn from this book such as knowing how to react differently to situations that make you angry or simply how to treat the people you love.

Reading books like these is not only an eye-opener, but they teach me life lessons that I may have overlooked over the years.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I'm living an extremely relaxed, chilled and enjoyable life right now. I've been fighting a war between studies and everything else for the past 2 years and I truly enjoy the taste of freedom to do whatever I want. I don't care that I dont have much money rolling in but it doesn't really matter for I am truy enjoying myself now hehehe :)

Watching That 70s Show everyday makes my life good and waking up late and do all those useless things like painting my nails, bloghopping, online window shopping, constantly refreshing my social networks, hugging all different plush toys, speaking to people I love, or simply having some me-time make me feel blessed :)

On the other hand, I really wish that my secondary school would reply me soon so that I would stop waiting and worrying that I would be jobless next year cos being jobless for the next 8 months can kill!

Whatever it is, hope you're doing fine!! :) goodbye!